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Commercial Media Publishing Solution Snapshot
Solution Example:
Commercial, Media, Publishing
eContracts Creation, Editing, & Publishing Management
  • Customer is one of the world's leading English-language publishers with headquarters in New York.
PolGroup Solution
  • Implement Tailored Phase 1 needs: based on PolGroup StrategicValueWare Code with an upgraded Xerox's DocuShare Electronic Document Repository, added integrated functionality for client.
  • Converted XGS Scripts into equivalent functionality to run on DS 4.x. Added additional PG solution Tailored functionality.
  • Implemented Auto-population of various "Metadata" fields.
  • Implemented "Direct Scan to Target Folder, Auto-create Target Folder" functionality.
  • Performed the requested modifications to the Home Page, and various other screens.
  • Migrated/Converted data from old solution to the New Solution.
  • Day to Day Administration and use of the Solution processes - made by Local Staff. No Click or per Scan charges.
Client Challenges & Pain Points
Measurable Results - Strategic Value
  • Required a Solution which emulates their original solutions functionality and provides additional needed functionality. The users need greater control of the process in their hands.
    • Phase 1 Upgrade DocuShare Document Repository, add additional functionality. Completed.
      • Must have Integrated "feeds" from external systems - PIX, Auto population of various "Metadata" fields is desired, Direct Scan to Target folder, Auto-create Target folder, Additional Modifications to the Home page, Search Results screens, View Collection screens. Additional Text/Logo placement.
      • Migrate the data from the old system to the new Solution.
  • An in-place, supported Solution which is a fast, secure, web based Document Repository with the functionality required by client.
  • Reduced manual intervention between data systems.
  • Less work for staff, more accurate data entry due to auto-population of data. Less work and intervention for staff during "upload process".
  • All requested modifications to various screens completed. Reduced Training and "Ramp up" time for staff with the new solution.
  • Client has access to all old and new information "on-line" with the new solution.
  • Control of day to day solution process is now in users hands.