We Bring Strategic Value to You

The Polgroup Corporation, as part of its Strategic Vision philosophy, has developed many applications to compliment Solutions and Services we provide to our Customers. We can effectively "Bring Strategic Value to You" and quickly respond to changing business conditions with the following portfolio of software programs and applications.

All Strategic Vision products are also Xerox DocuShare compatible enhancements and easily integrate with Xerox Multi Function Device product lines.

Business Solution Products

SVW - StrategicValueWare

Suite of products designed specifically to assist our Customers with Document and Record Management needs, provide a consistent platform for document and data acquisition from various sources, document conversion, processing and indexing, document search and retrieval, integration of Document Repository with existing front-end systems for maximum user performance. StrategicValueWare helps to leverage existing hardware and software infrastructure, compliments, automates and enhances the document and process flows within Customer's business environment. The most commonly used SVW products (components) are: SVW Framework, OnRampSchema DMA, IndexSchema DMA, FrocessFlow DMA, ProSchema DMA.

SVW Framework

Document and Process Flow Control Managing software - providing consistent back-end support and processing acceleration capabilities to various SVW components - Applications, Services and Processing Agents. SVW Framework allows components to be easily installed, configured, inter-connected with each other, managed and monitored by the system administrators.

OnRampSchema DMA (SVW component)

OnRamp Design & Mapping Application for paper and electronic documents - quick and easy setup of various document intake scenarios (OnRamps) - paper documents scanned with desktop scanners, production scanners, Multi Function Devices and network enabled scanners, electronic document intake from network folders, ftp folders, fax servers, e-mail systems, etc.

IndexSchema DMA (SVW component)

Indexing Schema Design & Mapping Application for rapid electronic document indexing - packed with features for building effective, user friendly indexing profiles (scenarios) - supports individual and batch mode indexing, various indexing modes, user configurable metadata sets, data lookups against external data sources and much more.

ProcessFlow DMA (SVW component)

Process Flow Design & Mapping Application to design, configure, deploy and manage business process flows - comes with graphical user interfaces for quick and effective process and data entry form design, mapping processes to OnRamps and back-end data and document stores.

ProSchema DMA (SVW component)

Profile Schema Design & Mapping Application for building powerful document search, retrieval and archiving scenarios. In concert with other StrategicValueWare components, helps building user and process specific document migration patterns, document mining and analysis applications.

Imaging Products

ICA - Image Control Application

Several imaging applications in one powerful package, designed to assist with various image processing, conversion and indexing needs - allows to automate the imaging and data conversion projects regardless of their size - from individual and batch scanning and indexing, to metadata parsing from external data sources, from image renaming, type conversion, OCR to creating multi-volume CD/DVD based, searchable repositories.

QCC - Quality Control Console

Intuitive, easy-to-use image Quality Control application, with image viewing and tagging capabilities. Powerful image viewer, feature-rich palette of image editing and conversion tools, unique, user configurable, color coded tagging and processing profiles, user configurable hot keys - all provide very comfortable, performance oriented working environment for mission-critical, high volume imaging projects.

PST - Print Submission Tool

Extremely powerful image printing application - supporting various print submission and printing modes, distributed printing for larger projects, banner page and separation page generation, image consolidation and conversion to PDF format for maximum queuing and spooling performance. Complete with print job assembly, re-print, print scheduling, queue monitoring PST is an ideal application for Print and Imaging Centers busy with large blow-back and high volume image printing projects.