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StrategicValueWare Solutions Guide
StrategicValueWare - Overview

A departmental or enterprise-wide solution providing businesses and organizations the capability to image, capture, index, search, retrieve, edit, annotate, and distribute paper, electronic documents and images via LAN/WAN, Internet/intranet, fax, e-mail and printers. As businesses' and e-business are moving into the 21st century of information requirements, The PolGroup Corporation is at the forefront, leading the way with StrategicValueWare, giving users the power to quickly and securely utilize information.

Today, The PolGroup Corporation is one of the leaders in document Imaging, Content, Process or Work flow, and Document or Records management, supplying solutions direct to the customer or in partnership with major leading document and content management companies - such as Xerox.

The PolGroup Corporation invites you to let us become part of your information team as we continue to develop solutions that provide Strategic Value and improve access to your vital information.

StrategicValueWare - Key Benefits

Mitigate Business Risks: Reduce the risk of missing relevant documents - especially for litigation, legal and tax.
Reduce or eliminate lost documents: Documents can actually be found and quickly.
Reduction of Risk of non-compliance: Improving accuracy of work.
Regulatory Compliance: with the technical provisions of 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and much, much more
Litigation Readiness: A proactive approach to identifying documents allowing preparations for investigations or litigation.
Strategic Advantage: Early ID of problematic documents allowing measures of a precautionary or remedial nature to be put in place which mitigates legal and financial risks
Simplify Document Review process: Implementation of a standards policy based process flow enables consistency of the work product.
Achieve economies of Scale: Utilization of a standards based process eliminates wasteful repetition and unnecessary process steps.
Increased Efficiencies: Reduce time to completion of business operations process flows.
Increased Efficiencies: Reduce Project timelines - quickly identify documents to be retained or destroyed per policy.
Cost Savings: Reduce the all-in cost of Review.
Cost Savings: Easy To deploy, use and administer

StrategicValueWare Framework and Components

Suite of products designed specifically to assist our Customers with Document and Record Management needs, provide a consistent platform for document and data acquisition from various sources, document conversion, processing and indexing, document search and retrieval, integration of Document Repository with existing front-end systems for maximum user performance. StrategicValueWare helps to leverage existing hardware and software infrastructure, compliments, automates and enhances the document and process flows within Customer's business environment.

SVW Framework

Document and Process Flow Control Managing software - providing consistent back-end support and processing acceleration capabilities to various SVW components - Applications, Services and Processing Agents. SVW Framework allows components to be easily installed, configured, inter-connected with each other, managed and monitored by the system administrators.

OnRampSchema DMA (SVW component)

OnRamp Design & Mapping Application for paper and electronic documents - quick and easy setup of various document intake scenarios (OnRamps) - paper documents scanned with desktop scanners, production scanners, Multi Function Devices and network enabled scanners, electronic document intake from network folders, ftp folders, fax servers, e-mail systems, etc.

IndexSchema DMA (SVW component)

Indexing Schema Design & Mapping Application for rapid electronic document indexing - packed with features for building effective, user friendly indexing profiles (scenarios) - supports individual and batch mode indexing, various indexing modes, user configurable metadata sets, data lookups against external data sources and much more.

ProcessFlow DMA (SVW component)

Process Flow Design & Mapping Application to design, configure, deploy and manage business process flows - comes with graphical user interfaces for quick and effective process and data entry form design, mapping processes to OnRamps and back-end data and document stores.

ProSchema DMA (SVW component)

Profile Schema Design & Mapping Application for building powerful document search, retrieval and archiving scenarios. In concert with other StrategicValueWare components, helps building user and process specific document migration patterns, document mining and analysis applications.