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Commercial SEC Compliant Global Revenue Booking Solution
Solution Example:
Commercial: SEC Compliance
Global [150 Countries] - Contract Revenue Booking Solution
  • Inc. is a Software Development/Systems Integration company with over twenty-five years of experience in providing a wide range of professional services and products across a broad spectrum of the commercial, industrial environment including:
    • System Design, Development & Integration.
    • Custom Software Programming.
    • System Installation, Training & Support.
    • Network Design & Installation.
PolGroup Solution
  • Implement Tailored CBS: Contract Booking Solution based on PolGroup StrategicValueWare and Xerox's DocuShare Electronic Document Repository with integrated functionality for Client.
  • Implemented "Tamper Proof" - Secure Time Stamp methodology.
  • Implemented Scanning, Imaging, and easy Indexing process used worldwide.
  • Implemented single front end for users worldwide.
  • Day to Day Administration - by local staff.
  • No Click Charges or per Scan charges.
Client Challenges & Pain Points
Measurable Results - Strategic Value
  • Meet SEC requirements - booking Contracts monthly worldwide.
  • "Tamper Proof" - preservation of the "Time Stamp" as Contract is written to system.
  • Scan Contracts from locations all over the world to the system with automated way to easily index 15 fields of metadata and populate the system with that information.
  • Ease of use by local staff worldwide.
  • Compliance with SEC Contract Booking requirements worldwide: LA, NA, APJ, and EMEA.
  • Database fields are easily accessed for reporting purposes to produce reports showing compliance with "Time Stamp".
  • Lowered Contract booking costs, quick "Booking" during "End of Month" closes.
  • Lowered Training and "ramp up" times for users with easy to use single front end - worldwide.
  • Extensible use of the system - more functionality - more value
  • Local staff can administer the system - not outside vendor.