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Corp Records Mgmt Solution Overview
Solution Example:
Records Mgmt, Sarbanes Oxley Corporate:
Internal - Records Mgmt
Corporate Records Management
  • Corporate Records Management is a business within Company in place to provide:
    • Hard copy and electronic management of Corporate Records.
    • Records identification and classification.
    • Consulting and support for Office of General Counsel, EH&S, Tax, Other Business Units.
PolGroup Solution
  • Implemented StrategicValueWare Tailored Scan and indexing solution based on PolGroup Solution Tailored Code and Xerox's DocuShare Electronic Document Repository with integrated functionality for Xerox Corporate Records Management.
  • Implemented "Tamper Proof" role-based security to ensure preservation of record content.
  • Implemented Scanning, Imaging, and easy Indexing process available within the worldwide network.
  • Implemented single web-based front end for users.
  • Day to Day Administration - by local staff
Client Challenges & Pain Points
Measurable Results - Strategic Value
  • Meet US Department of Defense requirement - "Tamper Proof" preservation of record content.
  • Scan Records from locations all over the world into the system with automated way to index 40+ fields of metadata and populate the system with that information.
  • Ease of use by local and Records Management staff within the Intranet.
  • Compliance with US DoD requirement.
  • Streamlined workflow for record input and classification.
  • Compliance with Business Resumption Plans.
  • Training minimal for end-users and records managers alike.
  • Customized view of records for each business unit.
  • Better access to heavily regulated records.
  • Local staff can administer the system - not outside.