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Healthcare Medical HIPAA
Solution Example:
Healthcare: Medical: HIPAA Forms Management, Contract Administration

  • Non-Profit Community Teaching Hospital, 400 beds
PolGroup Solution
  • Located, documented and digitized all hardcopy contracts in all departments and placed them in a secure, easily retrievable document repository.
  • Capability to route new document versions for approval and editing prior to publishing for viewing in DocuShare.
  • Implemented solutions which tracked and ensured compliance with HIPAA & BAA compliance.
  • Created and implemented a tailored Search module for Legal contracts - ensuring quick retrieval of contracts.
Client Challenges & Pain Points
Measurable Results - Strategic Value
  • Administering & Managing Contracts for the hospitals vendors.
  • Compliance with HIPAA deadlines as regards BAA (Business Associate Addendums) requirements.
  • Retrieving Legal contracts in a timely manner.
  • No more unmet deadlines for renewal of contracts.
  • Meets and exceeds this HIPAA BAA compliance part.
  • Contract retrieval is now almost instantaneous in comparison to old system.