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Customer Support Commitment
Customer Support Commitment

The PolGroup-Solution's Business Unit (PSBU) provides comprehensive support resources for its customers. Three levels of support are available for customers needing assistance with the StrategicValueWare: Enhanced PolGroup-Solution's server and Client applications. The three levels of support are: CSC, CSE and Development.

PolGroup - Solution's Customer Support Centers

The customer can contact a PolGroup-Solution's Customer Support Center (CSC). PolGroup-Solution's CSC's are staffed with knowledgeable and trained support engineers who are ready to assist customers.

Note: Only customers who have valid and current support agreements or who installed PolGroup-Solution's software within the past 30 days can contact a CSC.

To better understand and resolve a request as quickly as possible, a customer should provide the following information when contacting a CSC:

  • PolGroup-Solution's appropriate ID's
  • PolGroup-Solution's appropriate versions, including any updates installed
  • PolGroup-Solution's appropriate platform information (operating system version including updates, hardware configuration, and recent maintenance activities)
  • Problem details such as: the exact steps that led to the problem, the content of any error message(s) that were displayed, and problem reproducibility
  • If requested,configuration and log files, which can be uploaded to the PolGroup-Solution's User Group site. The CSC can assist the customer in accessing the site.

The customer and the CSC engineer determine the severity level of the problem using the following guidelines:

Severity 1 - System is not operational and/or there is a critical loss of capability.
  • Inability to run a critical application
  • Frequency of failure precludes production use
  • Critical job/data integrity defect
Severity 2 - System is operational, but production capability is severely degraded.
  • Inability to run a major application
  • Failure requires frequent operation intervention to maintain productivity
  • Non-critical integrity defect
Severity 3 - System is operational, but is moderately degraded.
  • Inability to run a minor application
  • Occasional failure requiring operational intervention
  • Non-critical product feature or function does not work
Severity 4 - System is operational with no significant impact to performance.
  • Does not meet indicators of Severity 1-3 problems

The CSC engineer assigns a case number to the problem. This number is used in all communications with the customer and allows for easy tracking of the problem and its resolution.

To contact a PolGroup Solution's Customer Support Center

Call Monday through Friday (excluding PolGroup holidays) 9 AM to 6 PM EST Phone: 908.887.5522

Email: support@polgroup.com

We also offer additional "Support Level Agreements" which we call SLA's. These may be individually tailored to your needs.

Please call 203.550.5600 for information about SLA's.