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Support Escalation Process
Support Escalation Process
Customer Support Escalation

Any problem not resolved at a PolGroup-Solution's CSC is escalated to PolGroup-Solution's Customer Support Escalation (CSE). When escalating the problem, the CSC provides CSE with the case number, severity level, and a detailed problem description, including the location of any supporting configuration and log files. A CSE engineer acknowledges severity 1 problems within 4 hours; all other severity level problems are acknowledged within 24 hours. While investigating the problem, CSE communicates the status and solutions to the CSC.

Should CSE not be able to resolve the problem and it is determined that the problem is software-related, either the CSC or CSE submits a Software Problem Action Request (SPAR). The severity level is negotiated between the CSC/CSE and the customer using the previously described guidelines. In addition, CSE submits an Action Request (AR) to the development database. The AR number is noted in the customer case tracking system for reference.

After the SPAR is submitted, CSE works with PolGroup-Solution's Development to determine the appropriate action plan. The plan determines how the problem is to be resolved, by providing either a workaround or a software release. If the solution requires a software release, a delivery date is scheduled. The CSC keeps the customer informed of the progress of the solution and communicates the action plan to the customer.

If the customer does not accept the action plan, the CSC informs CSE, who then renegotiates the action plan with Development until an acceptable plan is reached. The SPAR is closed when a solution is made available to the customer and the customer accepts the solution.

The following delivery targets are used in an action plan.

SPAR Severity Level PolGroup-Solution's CSE
Availability of Action Plan
1 4 hours 1 day
2 1 day 2 days
3 and 4 2 days 10 days
Software Release Definitions

The table below describes the software release methods that can be described in an action plan.

Type Description Regression Test Release Method
Patch/Update Customer problem reported in a SPAR that requires immediate resolution. Solution is made available in a patch file with a patch installer. Full regression test is not performed.

PGBU SQA validates the problem has been resolved during the patch testing phase.

The CSCs are notified of the patch file and it is posted on the PolGroup Services download website.
Not for General Release Patch Special patch for a specific customer. Generally, a solution that may pose a risk to the code or that resolves a problem with special circumstances. Full regression test is not performed.

Patch normally goes through development testing only.

The CSC SPAR originator is notified to deliver the patch to the specific customer.
Maintenance/General Release Engineering release that is considered a minor or major release. PGBU SQA performs full regression test. The CSC's are notified of the release and it is posted on the PolGroup Services download website.
To contact a PolGroup Solution's Customer Support Center

Call Monday through Friday (excluding PolGroup holidays) 9 AM to 6 PM EST Phone: 908.887.5522

Email: support@polgroup.com

We also offer additional "Support Level Agreements" which we call SLA's. These may be individually tailored to your needs.

Please call 203.550.5600 for information about SLA's.